Open sustainability technology

Cauldron Solutions is a firm building tools for sustainability assessment, with a focus on open science for life cycle assessment. Led by the developer of the Brightway LCA ecosystem, we have more than ten years of experience in finding innovative and practical software and data solutions. Cauldron was founded to focus resources on effective and stable Brightway development, and to provide support for researchers and industry in applying Brightway and its associated ecosystem to difficult challenges. For more information, please contact



Annual support contracts allow us to engage with Brightway users to solve interesting problems together. In addition to answering quick questions, we can also work together to tune algorithms, design data structures, or implement new inventory or impact assessment data. Users with support contracts also get discounts on trainings, regular calls on Brightway developments, and can use support hours for seminars or class lectures. Pricing:

  • 2000 €/CHF - 10 hours per year
  • 4000 €/CHF - 20 hours per year plus one half-day training


Brightway is a large and complex ecosystem, and we can guide you in applying and adapting Brightway to your firm's data flows and calculation needs. Onboarding usually involves a multi-day in-person introduction, follow-up sessions, collaborative code development, and designing a plan for Brightway adoption. Onboarding costs between 10.000 and 20.000 €/CHF.


Cauldron offers in-person or remote trainings on Brightway and its associated tools. Pricing depends on location and number of participants. Training topics include:

  • Intro to Brightway (1 - 3 days)
  • Advanced Brightway usage (2 - 3 days)
  • Regionalization using Brightway (3 days)
  • Temporal LCA using Brightway and Temporalis (3 days)
  • Prospective LCA using Brightway and Premise (3 days)

Project Work

Cauldron participates in larger projects, as developers, technical support, or research partners. We can develop new calculation techniques and approaches to data management, and support research consortia in applying Brightway in novel contexts. We also organize groups of interested funders to improve the overall state of open data management and calculation libraries for robust sustainability decision making.


Cauldron was founded to take Brightway to the next level of software maturity, and to have a flexible approach to take on ambitious open data projects. Our objective is to make Brightway boring and stable, and this requires financial and human resources. In other words, Cauldron was founded to get money to pay professional programmers, making the ecosystem better for everyone, and hopefully creating a virtuous circle of high quality open software and data.


Cauldron is led by Chris Mutel, the developer of Brightway. After a PhD on the computational methodology of life cycle assessment from ETH Zürich, he has worked as a senior scientist at the Paul Scherrer Institute since 2014. He is the author of some scientific articles, chair of Départ de Sentier, and a passionate advocate for open science. His personal website is He lives in a Swiss farmhouse built in 1605 that he is slowly turning into a lab for open source personal energy transitions.


Brightway an ecosystem for Life Cycle Assessment. Programmed in Python (BSD 3-clause licence), it is modular, flexible, and allows for innovative applications. It has been used in over 150 scientific publications, such as:

Cauldron is responsible for realizing the Brightway strategic development plan.

Cauldron Solutions GmbH, Dorfsteig 8, 5223 Riniken, Switzerland,, VAT CHE-369.227.213, Creative Commons License.